Stakeholder Consultation

Since the CMP includes a long-term strategy for urban land use and transport development, it should be widely known by stakeholders. It is to be expected that each stakeholder will have different views, opinions and preferences on urban transport development. Therefore, it is essential to coordinate among stakeholders to prepare an effective CMP through an advisory committee and workshops/seminars. More specifically, the following institutional settings are recommended:

Establishment of Advisory Committee: During preparation of the CMP, a city authority should consult with an ad hoc advisory committee. The advisory committee may consist of city authorities, the metropolitan development authority (including staff of Master Plan Unit), traffic police, academic experts and representatives of major organizations such as transport operators.

Organizing Workshops and Seminars: To disseminate the CMP and promote a common understanding of urban transport development issues, a workshop or seminar should be held. This should include presentation/discussion of the strategy for urban transport development and the implementation program.

Figure 5 Concept of Advisory Committee and Workshop/Seminar

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