Task 2 Data Collection and Analysis of the Existing Urban Transport Environment

To better understand the existing urban transport system, data collection and analysis is required. Necessary data and information can be obtained through a literature review (secondary data collection) of previous studies or field surveys (primary data collection). In particular, the following categories of data/information should be collected and analyzed, in addition to more conventional highway and automobile related information: (i) land use planning, (ii) NMVs; and (iii) public transport.

For the analysis of urban transport characteristics, transport indices such as those formulated by Traffic and Transportation Policies and Strategies in Urban Areas in India (MoUD, 2008) can be used to compare the subject city with other cities applying the same standards. As each city has its own characteristics, specific issues should be identified and presented based on the data/information obtained. (An example application of information is shown in Annex 5)

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