Task 4 Development of Urban Mobility Plan

Task 4-2 Preparation of Road Network Development Plan

Road projects will be developed and listed in the CMP, including the following:

  • Hierarchical Road Network;
  • Arterial Road Construction/Widening Projects;
  • Secondary Road Construction/Widening Projects;
  • Intersection Improvement Projects;
  • Flyover Projects; and
  • Railway over Bridge (ROB) or Underpass Projects.

Road projects may appear to be the most obvious solution to city congestion problems. However, as noted by many observers, more roads attract more traffic and new flyovers transfer bottlenecks to neighbouring intersections. As such, road projects will not solve traffic congestion forever.

With an understanding of the above, generally the following road projects are especially effective and should be prioritized in medium sized cities:

  • Introduction of Hierarchical Road Network;
  • Ring Road (with strict regulation of roadside land use);
  • Intersection Improvement;
  • Road construction/widening only to provide space for public transport and NMV, such as exclusive bus lanes or NMV lane.

The Road Network Plan should include the following aspects: (i) existing and future traffic bottlenecks, (ii) explanation of proposed strategy in terms of land use pattern, (iii) public transport network, (iv) role and benefit of each project within the Road Network Plan, (v) recommendations for infrastructure, (vi) operations and maintenance on existing and proposed road networks, (vi) provision of sidewalks and NMV lanes, and (viii) estimated costs of proposed projects.

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