Task 4 Development of Urban Mobility Plan

Task 4-3 Preparation of NMT Facility Improvement Plan

Walking, cycling and other NMVs provide a large part of the mobility needs in medium sized cities in India. Thus, planning for pedestrians, bicycles and cycle rickshaws will be one of the most important tasks in CMP preparation. As the CMP sets out vision/goals for the metropolitan region and serves as a strategic level plan for urban land use and transport systems, the NMT policy level planning may be accepted. However, detailed NMT improvement plans and traffic management measures can be worked out for CBD, commercial centres, and other major activity centres, which refine NMT policy for the whole region and provide the costing basis to implement such policy.

A methodology for planning NMT facilities can be found in Module 5: Non-motorized Transport (NMT) Measures: Policy and Options.

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