Task 4 Development of Urban Mobility Plan

Task 4-5 Preparation of Regulatory and Institutional Measures

Effective development of urban land use and the transport system often requires regulatory and institutional changes. Such requirement should be thoroughly worked out and documented in the CMP. These measures can be developed region-wide or be project specific. The regulatory and institutional plan should include the following:

Regulatory measures in relation to:

  • Bus service improvement (concession, privatization, and lease contract);
  • Traffic safety improvement (traffic regulation, mandatory road user education, enforcement systems);
  • Introduction of Transport Demand Management (TDM) measures ;
  • Vehicle emissions (focus on non-fuel based vehicles and compressed natural gas/CNG vehicles); and
  • Public-Private Partnerships

Institutional measures in relation to:

  • Coordination mechanism to integrate public transport operation and to integrate fares;
  • Establishment of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authorities (UMTA);
  • Establishment of SPVs for the implementation of proposed projects; and
  • Other changes necessary to promote Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).
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