Task 5 Preparation of the Implementation Program

Task 5-2 Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

In the CMP document, it is not necessary to include Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) or Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA reports). However, very preliminary social and environmental impact assessments of each priority project may have to be performed and the results and implications be fully reflected in the recommended projects. Also, it would be beneficial to conduct a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) in order to examine and evaluate the project justification within the national/regional and/or municipal planning framework. Table 19 shows the outline tasks of the SEIA:

Table 19 Outline of SEIA Tasks

Category Task
A. Screening 1. Decide on need for SEA and create commitment
B. Scoping

2. Find stakeholders and announce start of plan process

3. Develop shared vision on problems/objectives/alternatives

4. Perform consistency analysis: new vs existing objectives

C. Assessment

5. Set ToR for SEA report, based on results of scoping

6. Perform assessment, document and disseminate

7. Organize (independent) quality assurance

D. Decision Making

8. Discuss with all stakeholders, present alternative

9. Substantiate (policy) decision in writing

E. Monitoring 10. Monitor implementation and discuss results.
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