Annex 3 Tentative Checklist for Evaluating CMPs

This annex provides a tentative checklist of the main points to be presented in a CMP. It is designed to assist with the CMP evaluation process.

Scope of CMP
  • Are the target areas and planning horizons clearly identified?
Existing Land Use Plan
  • Does the CMP fully review the existing land use plans?
  • Have land use issues in relation to mobility improvement been identified
Existing Transport System
  • Does the CMP review the existing reports, plans and proposals?
  • Does the CMP review and summarise the existing transport infrastructure?
  • Does the CMP review and summarise the existing public transport system?
  • Does the CMP review existing traffic safety and enforcement?
  • Does the CMP review the institutional and financial situation of the transport sector?
  • Does the CMP review environmental and social conditions?
Existing Transport Demand
  • Have the necessary data for existing transport demand been collected, based on the specified formats?
  • Has the base-year transport demand model been developed with the proper methodology?
  • Does the base-year transport demand model estimate traffic volumes with a high correlation to observed traffic volumes?
Analysis of the Existing Traffic/Transport Environment
  • Does the CMP show adequately traffic characteristics?
  • Has an analysis of the road network been carried out, based on the results of a base-year transport demand model?
  • Have specific issues for the city been identified, based on comparative analyses with data from other cities?
  • Have issues with the existing traffic/transport environment been addressed, with reference to compiled information and data?
Land Use Scenarios
  • For cities with a Master Plan: Has the land use scenarios assumed in the CMP reflected the growth pattern indicated in the Master Plan?
  • For cities without a Master Plan: Have realistic and feasible land use scenarios been developed, considering the existing situation?
Transport Network Scenarios
  • Have realistic and feasible transport network scenarios been developed?
Evaluation of Strategic Land Use and Transport Patterns
  • Is there appropriate consistency between the model and future transport network/land use scenarios?
  • Has each scenario been evaluated and compared with the indicators listed in the toolkit?
  • Has the network evaluation been conducted with scenarios based on the proposed measures?
Mobility Framework
  • Does the mobility framework properly describe the future mobility strategy?
  • Does the mobility framework focus on integration of transport development and land use planning?
  • Have the mobility framework and associated proposed measures been revised, based on the results of the network evaluation?
  • Does the mobility framework include consideration of non-motorized transport (NMT), including pedestrian traffic?
Mobility Improvement Measures
  • Are the proposed urban transport measures based on the mobility framework?
  • Does the CMP avoid overemphasizing road improvement measures?
  • Have sufficient public transport measures been included?
  • Have sufficient traffic management measures been included?
Social and Environmental Considerations
  • Have the social and environmental consideration been addressed appropriately?
Implementation Program
  • Has the project long list been prepared?
  • Have the identified priority projects been selected applying clear and reasonable criteria?
  • Have the feasible financing options for the priority measures been indicated?
  • Has an implementation program been developed?
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