4 Description of Feasibility Study Tasks

Executive Summary

At the front of the Feasibility Study an Executive Summary should be presented.

This section should include a brief summary of:

  • The city’s growth;
  • The existing transportation situation, land use – transport trends;
  • The proposals from the Master Plan (or details on how this is progressing);
  • The alternative strategies for the main corridors;
  • The choice of strategy and its justification;
  • A description of the proposed network or individual system and how the proposal will help to mitigate current transport problems;
  • The results of the financial and institutional analysis and how these relate to the operational proposals;
  • The environmental impact assessment – including impacts on traffic and congestion; and
  • The social impact assessment – including any questions of resettlement and on existing transport operators.

This summary should be accessible to non-specialized readers and include figures, graphs and maps that assist in promoting a rapid grasp of the points raised, in addition to key rationale to justify recommendations.

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