4 Description of Feasibility Study Tasks

Chapter 10 – Implementation Plan

This chapter describes details of the implementation plan, including necessary regulatory and institutional arrangements.

10.1 Regulatory Framework

Regulations relevant for the implementation of the project should be summarized. If any changes are required to the regulatory framework such as the revision of existing bus franchising or contracts discussed in 5.7 they should be summarized in this section. Process and schedule of implementing these regulatory changes have to be worked out in detail.

10.2 Implementation Organization

This section provides details of implementing organization and structure, role, functions and interaction of the agencies involved and their hierarchy. When SPV or UMTA is to be set up for implementation, operation and management of a proposed HCBRT system, its structure, necessary regulatory arrangement and process for establishment should be provided in detail.

10.3 Institutional Arrangement for Operation, Management and Maintenance

The institutional arrangement for operation and maintenance should be described in detail

10.4 Marketing Strategy

It is important that the proposed HCBRT system is developed and presented based on a carefully prepared marketing strategy. Such a strategy should be developed by considering the preferences of potential users and similar experiences in other cities. Appropriate ‘branding’ of the system’s components including vehicle designs and logos is particularly important.

10.5 Arrangement for Interagency Coordination

The arrangement for interagency coordination for implementation, operation and maintenance should be described in detail. In particular, issues relating to ownership and maintenance of physical infrastructure in the corridor, operation and regulation of bus routes, traffic management and enforcement should be fully addressed.

10.6 Stakeholder Consultation

It is expected that each stakeholder will have different views, opinions and preferences on the BRT development. Therefore, it is essential to consult stakeholders through workshops/seminars to disseminate the planned BRT project, promote a common understanding of BRT development issues. Key participants of such workshop would include the city authorities, the metropolitan development authority (including staff of Master Plan Unit), traffic police, academic experts and representatives of major organizations such as transport operators and residents along the planned BRT routes.

10.7 Implementation Schedule

The implementation schedule by detailed project task should be provided in this section.

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