4 Description of Feasibility Study Tasks

Chapter 7 – ITS and Passenger Information System, Traffic Information Centre

This section should discuss the role of ITS to provide user information, monitor system operations, compliance to schedules and service quality, minimize revenue leakages, reduce costs, enhance safety and also to generate valuable traffic information for fine-tuning mobility plans.

7.1 Fare Collection System

When HCBRT is privately operated this is one of the most crucial aspects of the project. International best practice indicates contactless smart-card technology for all pre-paid access. The sale of cards and their recharging is normally handled through the local banking system. When more than one HCBRT company is involved, the revenue collection is normally handled through a separate legal company, which pays the operational costs of the units on a per-km basis.

It is essential that all aspects pertaining to revenue collection, fare subsidies to specific groups and full payment of costs be fully thought through and presented. The legal and institutional aspects of this process must also be fully presented.

7.2 Roadway Applications

The most important use of ITS on the roadway is in the control of signals: bus priority, synchronization and cycle time planning. The current situation should be described as well as any investment in technology to improve the level of efficiency.

7.3 Bus Applications

This translates into the interaction of the control-centre with individual units. Some form of GPS is often used to locate units and help the centre minimize bunching problems. Communication to units is normally via voice or voice and panel commands. Communication from the unit is normally restricted to emergencies.

7.4 BRT Stations

The control centre can – automatically on a rolling screen – inform the stations of arrivals, any upstream problems that are causing delay or simply inform on a speaker. Any innovation in BRT operation should be presented and costed.

7.5 Traffic Information Centres

There is a strong link between traffic control and HCBRT busway operation. If not in the same working environment, there should be a method of communication available – and institutional arrangements – for resolving any interference with the HCBRT.

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