Annex 1 An Overview of High-Capacity BRT System (HCBRT)

Benefits of HCBRT

The benefits of modern HCBRT systems are indisputable:

  • Travel times are drastically reduced on public transport. Passengers are often forced to spend several hours a day stuck in overcrowded buses, facing traffic congestion, long waiting and boarding times and indirect routes. Direct, high frequency, rapid transit can cut travel time to a minimum;
  • Safety is improved at both the waiting areas and in the units themselves;
  • Road accidents tend to decline as pedestrian access is improved and units are separated from other traffic;
  • Emissions from public transport vehicles can be drastically reduced;
  • As passengers gain new options of accessibility and reduce their travel time the city gains in competitiveness; and
  • Real estate values along the corridors may be enhanced.
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