Table 1 Comparison of Bus Only Lane (BOL), Light BRT, BRT, and HCBRT

System Element Bus Only Lane (BOL) Light BRT Medium Capacity BRT High Capacity BRT
Level of Segregation Limited Significant Full Full
Overtaking Lane at bus stops No No No Yes
Stations Characteristics Basic Shelter & Signage Curbside Location, Level Boarding, Passenger Information Median Location, Level Boarding, Passenger Information Onboard Median, Passenger Info, Additional Safety & Security Features*
User Information Provided at Stops Provided at Stations Provided Station and Onboard Provided Station and Onboard
Fare Payment On Board On Board Pre Boarding Pre Boarding
Ticketing Media Paper Paper or Smartcard Smartcard Smartcard
System of Operation (Closed or Open) Open Open Open / Closed Closed
System-wide Operations Plan No/ Multi Operators No/ Multi Operators Yes/Single Operator Yes/Single Operator
Feeder Bus Routes None None Some Feeder Buses Multiple Feeder Buses
Vehicle Type Mixed Semi-Low Floor/Low Floor Semi-Low Floor/Low Floor Semi-low Floor/Low Floor, Articulated Buses
Services Regular Regular Regular + Premium Regular + Premium
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