Stage 6 Finance and Economics

Quantifying Benefits

The benefits of the Improvement Plan have to be assessed in a cost benefit analysis. Several stakeholders contribute to the service improvement plan and benefit. The benefits accrue under three broad headings:

  • Benefits to the city as a whole:
    • Better environment – lower pollution levels.
    • Improved safety to road users.
    • Increase in real estate values.
    • Benefits to bus users.
      • More comfort.
      • Less travel time.
      • Savings in time of amount spent on traveling
    • Benefits to other road users:
      • Increased commercial speeds.
      • Opportunity to use other modes as feeder services to bus
  • Benefits to the city authorities:
    • More orderly road traffic, hence ease of regulation.
    • Well planned transport system facilitates further growth of city.
    • Advertising revenue.
  • Benefits to the bus operators:
    • Revenues from the fare box.
    • Revenue from advertising on buses.
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