Annex 5 International Case Studies of Good Practice


This Annex presents examples from four cities of international good practice in provision of urban bus services. These are practical measures that are reasonably achievable by Indian cities in the medium-term. Collectively, they provide a mix of framework, operational, integration and quality measures, all of which are necessary to develop a good level of urban passenger transport. The examples are summarized in Table 1.

Table 1 Examples of International Good Practice in Urban Bus Services

City Country Good Practice Examples
Helsinki Finland
  • Competitive tendering for bus services
  • Integrated ticketing
  • Quality standards
  • Bus priority
London UK
  • Network design and development
  • Procurement of bus services
  • Quality standards
  • Integrated ticketing
Paris France
  • Bus priority (Mobilien)
  • Passenger information
Singapore Singapore
  • Service design by operators within parameters set by the authority
  • Quality appraisal
  • Integrated ticketing and information

These examples of good practice should be used in conjunction with the Guidelines for improving Bus Services in Medium-Sized Indian Cities. The reader must note two important points:

  • It is the underlying principles of the measures which can be applied in the Indian context, rather than specific values or technical details which may or may not be so relevant.
  • The measures presented here are selected examples of the good practice in each of the cities. For each city, there are also many other relevant items of good practice. The reader should not presume that various measures are not implemented in a city just because it is not listed in these pages. It is recommended that the interested reader uses the web links to learn more about the full range of practice in the four cities.
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