Table 2 Example SWOT Analysis of a Government-Owned Organization


  • Expertise and experience in bus operation
  • Owns lands at key places
  • Skilled human resources
  • Less pollution per person carried
  • Less road space occupied per person carried


  • High cost of operations
  • Overstaffed
  • High indiscipline amongst staff
  • Financial pressure
  • Obsolete bus fleet
  • Bureaucratic system of management
  • Inadequate autonomy


  • Rising Demand for Public Transport.
  • Rising Cost of fuel
  • Increasing concern for environment
  • Rising congestion on roads
  • Increasing population density
  • Government patronage
  • Transport policy gives priority to public transport systems


  • Unfavourable fiscal regime
  • Competition from other modes
  • Increasing staff costs
  • Unviable fares fixed by Government
  • Poor enforcement of laws and rules
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