Parking Development Strategy

Strategy considering Location and Land Use

Appropriate parking strategy should be developed for different types of land use over time. Table 1 provides an example of such a strategy. Parking in the CBD and commercial areas, for example, can be on-street in the short term, with expanded off-street facilities in the medium term. Parking demand in suburban/residential areas can be facilitated by building regulations.

Table 1 Parking Development Strategy by Location and Land Use

CBD/Commercial/Developed Area Suburban/Residential/Developing Area
(5 years)
  • Provision of on-street parking
  • Preparation of regulation relating to parking and PPP
  • Building regulation for off-street parking
  • Introduction of resident permit scheme (for on-street parking)
  • Assessment of demand
Medium to Long
(10-20 years)
  • Provision of off-street parking
  • Building regulation for off-street parking
  • Implementation of regulation and enforcement for on-street parking
  • Provision of on-street parking
  • Demand analysis

Source: this study

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