Parking Development Strategy

Characteristics of On- and Off-Street Parking

The development cost of on-street parking is relatively low, while the construction cost of off-street parking is relatively high. Also, the time for development and implementation is likely to be shorter for on-street parking than for off-street parking facilities. Table 2 shows the characteristics of on-street and off-street parking.

Table 2 Characteristics of On- and Off-Street Parking

Items On-Street Parking Off-Street Parking
Required Physical Changes Painting, installation of signage, parking meters, etc. Securing for land, paving, installation of toll collection system, other equipment, and construction of administrative buildings etc.
Time for Development Relatively short (selection of site, painting etc.) Relatively long (Arrangement for finance, and construction of facilities)
Operational Arrangement Inspection (enforcement) by traffic police or private sector is required Enforcement is not required and the facility can be operated solely by private sector
Targeted Users Short term (casual users) Short to long term (monthly tenants, regular users)
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