Parking Development Strategy

Selection of On-Street Parking Options

There are different types of on-street parking and these options can be selected to minimize impact on traffic while optimizing the use of precious urban space. As shown in Table 3, the volume to capacity (V/C) ratio of traffic demand (measured from passenger car units) may be used as selection criteria for the most appropriate option for a particular street. Hourly traffic volume surveys are necessary for determining the V/C ratio.

Table 3 Example Criteria to Select On-Street Parking Options

Level of Acceptance Traffic Volume/Capacity Ratio Specific Location
1. No Stopping Over 0.80 Arterials
Busy intersections
2. No Parking Over 0.75 Secondary arterials
3. Hourly Regulated Accepted during hours less than 0.70 --
4. All time accepted Less than 0.70 --
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