Annex 4 Parking Measures by PPP


Private sector involvement in parking is an attractive option to address parking problems in a city where a large investment is required and the Municipality alone cannot meet the needs for construction, development and maintenance of parking facilities. Private sector participation allows the Municipality to concentrate on its primary responsibility of delivering public services while facilitating mutually beneficial agreements with private investors. In order to do this, the Municipality needs to fulfil its obligations in terms of a regulatory and organizational framework to allow proper operation and protect the interests of citizens from possible operator abuse.

There are several scenarios for attracting private sector participation in parking, based on the scope of powers delegated to operators by the Municipality, either for on-street parking, off-street parking, or for both. The type of property upon which parking lots are located, either public or private, is also an important consideration.

The following guidelines outline how public-private partnerships may be considered for urban parking measures.

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