Annex 7 Checklist for Evaluating Parking Studies

The following checklist may be used to assess the suitability of a parking scheme.

Yes No
  • Is the number of on-street parking spaces appropriate to encourage use of public transport and to promote an attractive pedestrian environment?
  • Is the number of off-street parking spaces sufficient to provide a balance where there is a reduction in on-street spaces?
  • Are public off-street parking facilities located within an acceptable walking distance of actual destinations? (For short-stay parking – i.e. less than four hours – acceptable walking distances rarely exceed 500 meters.)
  • Is priority given to residents and short stay parking? (Commuter parking can be accommodated, but it should not be at the expense of residents and short stay visitors.)
  • Does the parking scheme divide the city into coherent zones, with regulation appropriate to the particular circumstances of each zone (i.e. the strictest regulations are usually required in areas with the highest parking volumes).
  • Is the regulation and tariff for public on-street parking higher than for off-street parking?
  • Is there adequate enforcement to ensure compliance with the parking regulations?
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