Annex 1 International Case Studies

London, England – Whitechapel Traffic Calming

Scheme Description

The design was developed through a series of community workshops held during evenings and weekends, where residents were encouraged to work closely with engineers and urban designers. In order to make best use of the street space and protect parking, residents chose to make the street one way. Subsequent feedback from the community is positive, however, and local residents are seeking the extension of the concept into neighbouring streets.

Scheme Type


Housing Type/Other Land Use

Wholly residential

Community Scheme Objectives

No formal objectives set, but key local concerns included security, parking and speed of traffic.

Key Measures

  • Street made one–way;
  • Reorganisation of parking;
  • Strong lateral shift with speed table in the centre of the street;
  • Designation of the street as 30km/h zone;
  • Speed tables at entrances, exits and within scheme;
  • New street trees;
  • Improved fencing of open stairwells to flats;
  • Traffic calming on adjacent major routes

Source: Home Zone Design Guidelines, IHIE, London 2002

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